Commercial entities like showrooms, offices and institutes, etc. are liable to pay the highest electricity tariffs in India. Additionally, commercial space owners in India do not enjoy the possibility of choosing their electric utility so as to cut down their electricity bills. Fortunately, solar PV systems today can help you substantially reduce your bill and achieve your energy goals by making efficient use if your vacant roof space, parking sheds or pergolas. Commercial Solar PV systems are low maintenance systems, provide 100% green electricity and have a service life of over 25 years.

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The whole system is composed of PV modules, solar inverter, solar mounting structure and an online monitoring system. The solar inverter syncs with the existing electricity supply of the building and ensures that all the solar electricity is consumed on site. More importantly, it outputs high quality single or three phase full sine wave AC electricity so that your appliances continue to operate normally. The Commercial rooftop grid-tied PV system can also be customised to the needs of customers range of 10 o 500 kilowatts. Grid connected Rooftop Solar power plants within the capcity range of 1-500KW are simple to install and easy to maintain. Commercial entities using solar PV systems can realise numerous benefits: quick payback on their investments, accelerated depreciation of 80% year on year, branding as a green organization and an assurance against severe hikes on the electricity tariff.



  • How can it be determined that the site is suitable for a solar power system ?
  • Several aspects will need to be evaluated to determine if your premises is a good solar site, such as orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your currently connected loads.
  • Can solar systems run industrial loads ?
  • Solar inverters sync with your existing electricity supply, enabling the Solar PV electricity to be consumed by all your industrial loads.
  • Can Solar PV system be installed on all types of industrial roofs?
  • Yes, there are as many types of mounting solutions available, just as many industrial roofs types that exist. May it be cement sheets, metal roofs, or concrete roofs, solar PV panels can be mounted.