VERTUS is offering a new cost effective solution that will give significant and reliable savings on diesel costs to its consumer, which can unlock a large diesel abatement market for solar PV in India.

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Intuitively, it makes a lot sense for companies with high diesel consumption to go solar. The most productive use of solar power happens during shedding, when companies have to use costly power from diesel gensets. Now dependency on diesel gen-sets can easily be minimized by replacing them with solar PV. The financial returns from substituting diesel from rooftop solar needs to be calculated carefully because they have very different cost structures as with Diesel gen-sets – The initial cost of the system is low but running cost (both fuel and maintenance) is high but in case of Rooftop solar PV- Initial investment is high but running cost is very low.



  • How can it be determined that the site is suitable for a solar power system ?
  • Several aspects will need to be evaluated to determine if your premises is a good solar site, such as orientation, space available, shadows on the space available and your currently connected loads.
  • How much electricity do Solar systems provide?
  • Northern India is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine. A 10KW solar system would produce over 15000units of electricity annually .
  • Can I become independent from purchasing electricity from the DISCOMS ?
  • Solar PV systems generate their peak power during sunny days, however the generation of the system drops on rainy, cloudy or foggy days. Therefore, we not recommend our customers to get rid of their existing electricity connection.
  • Are solar PV systems expensive?
  • Certainly not! Prices vary accordingly to size and location and the needs of your organisation.

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