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The power comes from the energy and we utilise that power as per our requirement. Looking towards the fossil fuel availability in the world we thought of moving ahead with alternative energy which cannot be destroyed, freely available and no rules to avail the same. Solar is one of the best alternative source of energy which has immense scope to improve our environment and it would help changing and shaping our next generation.
Solar Power not only help people to get electricity from Sun but also changes the quality of their lifestyle. We are not just installing energy saving products but we are also helping to build India’s energy future. Over the last several years I have seen solar technology and innovation growing at an incredible rate. But the challenges we face as a company are reflected in the challenges we now face as a nation. It is no longer acceptable to sell our children’s future away with nonrenewable fossil fuels when viable and proven technologies are readily available.
Solar power is quickly becoming cost competitive in many regions of the country. Solar hard costs have been dropping rapidly for years, and now VERTUS will be working to lower costs and increase residential PV. In short, we’ll be working hard to reduce the soft cost barriers to solar rooftop proliferation in India.
I am thankful to my entire team members of VERTUS and valuable customers who have given their entire efforts to make this possible.

Varun Sharma