PV rooftops can help to fulfill the partial or full power needs of residential buildings. For customers, it reduces the dependency on grid power and helps them to become a power generators for their own electricity requirements. It mitigates diesel gen-sets dependency and provides a long term reliable power source. It is suitable for residential establishments as it can be easily customized as per the customer requirements. This whole system is composed of PV modules, combiner box, and inverter, DC/AC distribution panel, mounting structure and monitoring system.

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The PV AC/DC distribution panel of our company integrates the whole system by centralizing the switches and lightning protection devices on both of DC and AC side to keep the inverter efficient and the grid safe. Besides the electric voltage and current of each string can be accurately measured. We design and install PV rooftops based upon the load profile of your home. We ensure that the system is properly installed to give you the best possible returns. It’s very simple to install and easy to maintain. It can be used to power the entire home’s electrical systems, including lights, cooling systems, and appliances. PV systems today can be blended easily into both traditional and non-traditional homes.




  • Can the diesel gensets be fully replaced by solar PV ?
  • It can’t be replaced 100% but yes both can be used simultaneously which leads to great elimination of cost.
  • What is life of solar PV ?
  • The life of solar PV is 20-25 years.
  • What will be the payback period of solar PV replaced by diesel gensets ?
  • The payback period is 5-6 years and then it adds to the revenue.
  • What should be the size of the solar PV? It depends on the requirement and the amount customer is ready to invest.
  • What is the average cost of the solar PV ?
  • The average cost of 1KW solar PV would be 1 Lac and with battery backup it would cost 1 Lac 40 Thousand.